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Cleaning's A Breeze provides detailed deep house cleaning services near Wasilla, AK to get your home looking its best!

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Get your home back in shape with our deep house cleaning!

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy home environment, there's no substitute for a professional deep house cleaning service. A clean and sanitized living space can help improve both the physical and mental health of you and your loved ones.

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    Super detailed and thorough cleaning

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    Certified, professional house cleaners

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    Hand wash the baseboards & other woodwork

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    Clean and sanitize surfaces for a healthier home

Our deep cleaning services are perfect for when your home needs some extra care and attention. Our experienced team is committed to providing quality cleaning to get your home clean and make your life easier.

You're Going To love Having your home deep cleaned!

A hand wearing white rubber gloves spraying cleaning solution onto a countertop and using a sponge to wipe it off.

Deluxe Top-to-Bottom

When your home needs some extra care and attention, our deluxe top-to-bottom deep cleaning service is the perfect choice.

A professional cleaner spraying cleaning solution onto a countertop and wiping it with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

general clean

Our general cleaning service is best for homes that have been well-maintained and just need some special attention.

A hand wearing a white rubber glove wiping the front of a stainless steel dishwasher with a green microfiber cleaning cloth.

Initial Clean

Cleaning's A Breeze recommends all our new recurring cleaning service customers begin with a deep cleaning service.

Deep house cleaning Wasilla AK

A Deep Cleaning doesn't have to a one-time thing!

Professional deep cleaning doesn't have to be just a one-time event. In fact, many of our clients scheduled them on a regular basis. You can also book a deep cleaning for any of these special occasions:

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    Seasonal cleaning

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    The holidays are coming up

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    Guests are coming for a visit

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    After home renovation projects

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    Someone in the home is sick or coming home from the hospital

We recommend a deep cleaning at least one to two times a year to keep your home looking its best. Even if we keep your home clean year-round, a deep cleaning attends to areas that aren't cleaned during a regular cleaning.

Check out our thorough cleaning checklists to learn more!

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Deep Cleaning Service FAQs

Regular cleaning services typically focus on surface cleaning and maintenance tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and basic bathroom and kitchen cleaning. 

On the other hand, deep cleaning services are a more thorough and comprehensive cleaning of your home, targeting areas that are often overlooked in routine cleaning. This includes cleaning behind appliances, inside cabinets, baseboards, blinds, and other hidden or hard-to-reach spaces. Deep cleaning also involves the removal of accumulated dirt, grime, and build-up from various surfaces. It's a more intensive and time-consuming process that is typically performed less frequently, often seasonally or as needed.

The duration of a deep cleaning service can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your home, its current cleanliness, the level of detail required, and the number of cleaning technicians assigned to the job. 

For smaller homes or apartments, a deep cleaning may be completed in 4 to 6 hours. However, larger homes or homes with extensive cleaning needs may take longer, potentially 8 hours or more. 

The number of cleaning technicians sent for a deep cleaning service depends on the size of your home and the scope of the cleaning required. 

For smaller homes or apartments, one or two technicians may be sufficient to complete the work effectively. Larger homes or homes with extensive cleaning needs may require a larger team to ensure that the deep cleaning is completed in a timely manner without compromising on quality.

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